Saturday, September 07, 2002

Simeon Rex: The Odyssey Begins. Nikki, Tals and I created our version of the Legend of the Monkey King, set the adventure in space, and threw him against the madness of Chaos and the Twisting Void. The peculiar thing about this 3D animated project is that its scifi - never my strong suit. Still, my co-writers were able to come up with rather funky things and our animation partners in Singapore did incredible work, especially the motion-captured martial arts moves of Simeon Rex (done in Australia). I think the site has some bits you can watch. If its there, then check out the battle in space in which Simeon Rex begins upside down. Right now, I assume its being marketed in Europe and the US (alas, our involvement pertained only to writing and content development). Not bad for something written and voice-acted here. I hope this sees airtime soon. Well, one can always hope.

Kestrel Studios continues in its focus of producing content good enough to read, good enough to watch. In another animation project, we're in the midst of developing something directly targetting the Filipino market, with a consortium of animators, producers and telcos - or perhaps we'll use the comic book format, but still with SMS. Too early in the development process to reveal much, but enough to get me jazzed up about it.

The funny thing is, my direct next door neighbor at our Pipeline office is also an animation studio, but one that deals with Flash. Who knows, maybe synergies will develop?


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