Sunday, September 08, 2002

Just arrived from Arnold's book launch for "After Eden" at the Megatrade Hall. Lots of books, lots of authors, lots of people. Bumped into quite a few old friends, scouring the place for good reads (but as far as I was concerned, pickings were terribly slim). Once again, we were happy to give support to Arnold because the fact that Adarna House was interested enough to publish a 254-page graphic novel bodes well for our little industry. If he sells well, then there may be interest by other publishers in the work we do. And his book is well-written and illustrated.

We linked up with Mike and Jayce and I picked up ten Asterix books for a mere 60 bucks each. Sadly, I had all of these at one point in time or another, but in all the various moving homes here and there, they just vanished into thin air. I like the way these stories are written, and the fact that they are self-contained.

The Time-Warner people had actually sold all their graphic novels that very same morning, leaving nothing to angry people like me who were informed they'd sell it tomorrow, the last day of the fair. Nikki also picked up a wonderful children's book "Ang Pambihirang Buhok Ni Lola" by Rene Villaneuva.

Of course, when I saw Cyn I thanked her profusedly for helping me out with this blog. More bells & whistles, di ba Jayce?

Walkabout: Ramon de Veyra's IndieFilipino film site (he also moderates the Hey Comics group), Neva Talladen's well-written blog, a site that reminds me of my dear friend Gerald, Berger's very red site (like all new daddies, we exchanged pix of our little girls a couple days ago), Isi's Hell (great seeing you again!) and Citibank (I'm a convert to online banking).


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