Sunday, September 22, 2002


She's definitely doing better today and was wonderful when her grandmother, her aunts Jo and Maureen and her uncle Johnny visited her this morning (and to her actor-uncle Ricky yesterday afternoon). She still has a cough but is starting to regain her appetite. We'll visit her pedia tomorrow for a checkup again, just to be certain. There was a time in my life when I never even entertained the thought that I would be at my wit's end regarding a baby, much less mine. When you're young you never think about these things, I guess. You're more concerned about yourself and your next good time. I know it sounds cliched but having a child changes everything - how you think, how you plan, how you act. But I'm so happy to have Sage, our greatest joy. I understand, of course, that she will get some other illness in the future, probably hurt herself while learning to stand, and experience all the little pains of life. But I always want to be there for her, to help her and take care of her. Nikki and I are lucky to have family on both sides who are very loving and caring, and friends who are akin to family in the very best sense. We never have the feeling that we're doing this alone, and sometimes, that's all that matters.


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