Sunday, September 08, 2002

Sunday! Sage is awake very early in the morning, and with her nanny off to Novaliches, we spend some quality time watching "Sesame Street" On the Hallmark Channel. A couple of nights ago, some friends and I were talking about our memories of this show. Getting to watch it today with Sage just reinforces how much it has changed. New characters, new humans, new songs, new sequences. But its still good to see Bert and Ernie. I do not like this Baby Bear, though Sage seems to adore the whiny bastard. ;)

After the show, I gave her a cracker, which she loves to chew on. Her first two teeth are coming along nicely, and she's not so perturbed by them as she was earlier. We' re going to have to get her a baby toothbrush (we already have the edible toothpaste). Anyway, so there we are, messy baby daughter and her messy father (believe me, chewed up biscuits wiped by little fingers on everything is truly truly messy), when someone knocks on the door. It is, of course, Sage's new boyfriend, Bren from down the hall. Like her mother, Sage has a preference for older men, as Bren is 3 years old. The sweet little guy came to give her chips and pretzels, which she couldn't eat yet, so she happily chewed on the packaging. He chatted, she cooed. He smiled, she smiled. Ah.

When he left, I read some of her books to her, played a little, and then she fell asleep.

A lovely rainy morning.


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