Friday, September 20, 2002

survivor 5.1

Based on the previews and teasers, we thought that the tribe division would be along gender lines - which would have made for interesting, if not arguably unfair, situations during the challenges. Instead, the two eldest members of each sex alternated selecting their tribe members. Jake chose the younger and more physical people, ending up with a tribe that had youth and strength and a lot of attitude. Jan, of the other tribe, chose the older people, ending up with a tribe that seems weaker. It's funny how everyone wanted to be selected for the "younger" tribe. I don't blame them, if I were there I would have liked to be part of that tribe too. As one of members said, they had most of the sexy girls and all of strong guys.

Shii Ann, my bitch queen
While, as usual, my heart is with the underdogs, I find myself rooting for bitchy Shii Ann. Her aplomb, her unprettiness, her line "Mess with the She-devil, you get the horns", her don't-fuck-with-me attitude resonates with the GameMaster within me. Plus she's Asian. What a gal. Nikki's favorite is her 61 year-old crush Jake, who, according to her, is "pretty sexy for an old guy". She really likes older men, I guess. And she also likes the New York cop, not just because he's sexy too, but because, well, he's a New York cop. There you go.

John, the person who was first voted off the island, reminded me of an ex-friend who thought that being an asshole was perfectly fine. In life, as well as in this game, that kind of reasoning just doesn't cut it. And like John, many people including myself voted that person out of our lives. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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