Sunday, September 08, 2002

Wow! Once again, thanks to the wonderful Ate Cyn for the comment script! What a great surprise! O ayan, feeling totoong blog na ako! LOL

Jason dropped by to visit us this afternoon, and being who we are, we spoke about business and comics and other stuff. He showed me the presentation he's sending off to another country, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. Better check out his blog and see if he spills the beans. Sage met him for the first time (not counting her baptism when she couldn't possibly keep track of everyone who came to wish her well) and was initially perturbed by the new male voice, but later she warmed up to him and started watching him (must be the eyebrows - if you don't believe me, check out Arnold's rendition of him in the new book).


The other night, Nikki and I had dinner with her brother, Ricardo Cepeda (the actor married to Snooky Serna, below).
He had just wrapped up filming something and was looking our way for a new script. Nikki will tackle that one I guess, since I still feel bummed out with last movie things I did (one of which was writing the script for a film directed by my buddy Noel Lim and starring my aforementioned brother-in-law). Contributing ideas is no problem though, and besides, I promised myself I'd make a film in the next 5 years, given the right confluence of events. I'd have him and Snooky in it, and set it in Hinirang, with Ricardo as a southern warrior on a quest and Snooky as a possessed diuata. Or vice-versa. Or I'd do it like one of my minimalist plays, just 2 people moving though rooms, rushing before their ice cream melts or somesuch. Or do what I really wanted to write a few years back - a multi-generational family saga revolving around a touring Filipino carnival act (unless, of course, that has already been done).

By the way, thanks to all of you who drop by to read my Notes. Scribble a comment (on the spankin' new comment section after each entry) or Tag me on the Tagboard. My exposure to other blogs is still in its infancy and I'd like to read more!


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