Saturday, October 19, 2002

the color mafia

Dindo and I were talking about the “Color Mafia” and how incredible it is that there is such a group in existence.

Better known as the Color Marketing Group, the “Color Mafia” is a worldwide organization of designers from different industries who gather every so often to decide which colors (and color palettes) will be in vogue for the next 6-12 months. These equivalent of "dons" determine color trends.

Members submit their suggestions and some sort of consensus is reached. Those in the know then proceed to use the defined colors in their work, with specific hues for cars, fashion, plates and whatnot.

Those not in the loop run the risk of looking outdated and perhaps even incurring the ire of clients for whom they design, the logic being that those clients will want to change the colors of their product line if it turns out that their hues were non-Zeitgeist.

Apparently, members can avail of the future palettes for US$700, and outsiders can purchase the same for around ten times that.

Intrigued? More here.


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