Thursday, October 17, 2002


Sage turned 8 months old yesterday and at her regular monthly checkup with her pedia we learned that she now weighs 8.2 kilos! She has all the shots she needs for the trip next week, and rest of her immunization schedule will continue on our return.

On the crawling scene, she's learned to crawl to our bedroom door from the living room and somehow...thump the door. When I open the door and see her, she lets out a chortle (sort of a feeling-clever inhalation with a giggle mixed somewhere in it). Nothing stops her now, all hurdles have become temporary barriers to her willpower. She pulls herself up, climbs things and if you try to set her on her tummy she just flips over and gets on her knees then her butt - and then looks at you accusingly.

She's also quite the fashion maven. A couple of days ago 2 batches of clothes arrived for her (one from her granfmother in NY and the other from her godmother based in HK). Diovine, her nanny, was ecstatic and proceeded to dress Sage up for every little occasion - different ensembles for getting taho, going to the laundromat, visiting the roofdeck. When I arrived home, I was amused to see Sage in a teeny tank top with a matching lavender skirt. Sheesh.

She's just a wonder to watch.


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