Friday, October 04, 2002

survivor 5.3

Now this is what this show is all about. Sexual innuendo, physical violence and interesting personal interplay combined to make this episode worth the wait. Over at Chuay Gahn, Ghandia accused Ted of "grinding" against her, biting her neck and rubbing her head. She confronted him and he owned up to it, apologizing because his head was "in a fog". She then told her female teammates and the story grew and the issue finally exploded with a tribal meeting. Whoa.

Over at Sook Jai, the dunderheads continued to do really stupid things (led by head dunderhead Robb) and lost the immunity challenge. Over at tribal council, my favorite Shii-Ann got 3 votes (lay off her, she calls it as she sees it) but it was lazy Jed who got the boot.

Ah, reality TV. The opiate of the voyeurs (well, reading other blogs counts too).


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