Monday, November 18, 2002

le nouvel objet de d├ęsir

No thanks to fellow fan Marco, now Nikki and I are making plans to buy a Sony Playstation 2 (after resisting for over a year) just so we can play the latest installment of one of favorite games - Suikoden III. The irritating thing of course is that our current budget does not include this platform at all, but I did swear a long time back that the only reason I'd buy a PS2 was if this particular game was released in its format (we had a company-owned PS2 while I worked in HK and I completed the latest Final Fantasy with it, but opted not to buy the machine).

So of course it gets released in this format. And of course we have to have it.


I looked through Buy & Sell and learned that the going selling rate for slightly used ones ranges from P9.5k to P15k (or a German Shepherd puppy). I'll check out how much a new one costs and do comparisons and all that. The nice "plus" is that it doubles as a DVD player too, so there's that to sweeten the horrid purchase.

This will probably be our Christmas gift to each other.


Must get more work!

archive image purge

Due to the limited space of my domain, I've started removing images from older entries. Which means that if you're the sort who likes to look at my past stuff, you're in for a mostly textual experience. The new space, of course, will be used for new images to accompany my entries. I plan to do this purging monthly or until I get more space at another server (I know, there's always Pipeline's but I'm not like that).


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