Tuesday, November 19, 2002

my first check - as an "international" writer

Waiting for me at home was a package from Strange Horizons. I opened it and found copies of a contract for my story "L'Aquilone", my first sale to an international publication. Then a piece of paper fell to the floor and when I picked it up, I realized it was a check - the payment for my story! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I feel right now! I wasn't expecting this until next year, and here it is!

Suddenly, after a period of not writing fiction, I feel rejuvenated; liquid words are running through my head trying to drown each other out in an effort to be real, to be written down.

I am so happy! As in "happy, happy, joy, joy"!

So tomorrow I'm sending the signed contract back - and I'm not even sure if I'll cash the check. Perhaps I should frame it (how's that for sentimental madness?).

the dangers of the digicam

Yes, obviously I've gotten bitten by the camera bug. Freed from the constraints of film's conservatism (where every shot MUST count), I've taken to carrying the camera around and finally taking shots of all the interesting things, people and places I'm surrounded with.

Here are some of my beloved staff at Pipeline:

Bok (designer), Maureen (accounts), Mark Joseph (project manager) and Jolet (Creative Director)


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