Wednesday, November 20, 2002

party in the morning

Today, our apparel client had its product launch for its dealers at Eastwood at 8:30AM. So, dazed and still not quite acclimatized to the local time, I took a cab to Eastwood (the IT Zone) and attended Phase 1 which turned out to be a nice breakfast at Country Waffles (a funky place that offered a choice of bacon or Spam with your waffle). After that, my partners (Dindo and Marc) and I then went to a bar called The Basement (which no doubt was one of the current trendier hangouts) for a great fashion show. The highlight for me was the AVP (audio-visual presentation) that introduced the creative agencies involved for the multi-faceted campaign marketing campaign set early next month. My company, Pipeline, was of course part of it and we almost choked with laughter when it got to the part that featured us. There was Dindo, in his shaved head glory, talking about our side of the set-up - website, digital campaign, magazine and comic book - while gesticulating wildly for emphasis. Talk about excited! And the powerful spirit of my digicam possessed me, so I elbowed my way across the sea of people and hung out with the photographers (turns out that some people just love to be photographed). Great project, great show, great people, great food. What more could I ask for?

We ended just before lunch, rushed back to the office and took the entire staff out to lunch at Aphrodisia - that restaurant with the naughty named menu. We had a double reason - one of my best designers, Noel, was leaving us to pursue further studies in the States (so it was a despedida) and we wanted to welcome the newest member of the team, Chris (a lovely lady who immediately offered me the extra shots of the infamous FHM Diana Zubiri Calendar that up to now is still the talk of the town). Another plus on her side is that she's a smoker like me, so I can count on some company in the stairwell during my ciggie breaks.

After we got back, we tackled the multiple projects that we're working on. There seems to be suddenly a lot on my plate, but I'm game (remember that I had missed working during our sojourn in the States). A lot of clients want a lot of things out before Christmas, so it's a good thing our little work system is doing okay. What I do need to do is begin translating the latest of Nikki's comic scripts for Jason's Dynatica Comics very soon!


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