Sunday, December 22, 2002

christmas weekend

pipeline party

Our office Christmas party was was divided into 2 parts: afternoon and evening.

In the afternoon, the Survivor afficionados among us (Nikki and myself included) caught the finale of the Thailand series. When Pipe wasn't terribly busy, we used to shut down at 1PM every Friday to watch the live feed of Survivor (in the days when it was really interesting, like Survivor: Africa). Anyway, with a nigh-unlimited supply of chips & salsa, peanuts, wine and beer, we saw Brian win the game. Deep in my heart, I was rooting for Helen, but it was not meant to be. Sigh.

At least it wasn't as bad as the ending of The Amazing Race 3, where Zach and his partner, Ms. Emotional Baggage, won despite all the negativism and all-out whining. I seriously thought of starting a letterwriting campaign to tell Flo that she didn't deserve a single cent. What a bitch.

Later that evening, the extended Pipe family played multiple rounds of everyone's new fave game - Cranium!

My God, that was fun! Highlights include Joseph's stunning rendition of a mermaid (plus his nascent psychic powers), Ajie's minimalist gestures, Maureen's humdingers and the times when all teams had to compete. What a blast! Thanks to everyone who came: Marc, Teret, Pando, Bing, Ajie, Bok, Joseph, Maureen, Jolet, Noel, Kris, Rex, Mandy and Nikki.

After we exchanged gifts, Marc and I announced a round of raises for everyone - much deserved! As I told my crew, Pipe is the sum of its parts. Without their hard work, faith and perserverance, it would have been over long ago. Thanks, guys!

comic convention

The next day, Nikki and I met up with the rest of our little gang and helped man the booth at the C3 Comics Convention. It was a wild anime-themed convention, hence the startling number of people in costume. We were there to give away Ab Ovo and informally launch Carl's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah book.

We were delighted to see Arnold and Ate Cyn who had the most delightful announcement to make. I'll let them tell it themselves, but it really put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. These are two of most thoughtful, honest, caring and creative people I have the pleasure of calling friends, and the new status quo they've created is cause for celebration!

I also traded comic talk with Ramon (hi, Neva!) and finally met Alia, whose blog I've been following. I experienced a moment of object envy when she whipped out her Sony mini digicam - looking like the perfect accessory for a Sony Vaio. It was like an unexpected eyeball, so we talked about blogs and how we end up reporting eveyday's events (like this).

Back at ComicQuest, copies of The Lost and Ab Ovo made their way into the hands of new readers, much to my happiness, and I got a fistful of new Magic cards from JP.

questventures party

Then off to Le Gran for the group party. We had a lot of food (crispy pata, lengua, barbeque, grilled chicken) and ended up talking films and playing psychoanalytical games with Vin, Flim, Marco, Carl, Dino Yu, Nikki, Mike L and his girlfriend, and Emrys and Rio. Much missed were Arnold and Ate Cyn (who had to do something of related to their happy announcement), Jason (celebrating the holidays in Davao), and Camille (expected back home in a few days time).

One of best parts was the impromtu improv film we made. Flim brought his camera and Carl and I acted out a scenario, dogma-style. Flim will do the edits and we will hold the world-premiere of "It's Too Late" next month. This is the only group I know that can create an film just like that. Can't wait to see it.

Thanks for all the cool gifts I got - a Hinirang staff from Jason, copies of Zsa zsa from Carl, a PS2 mag from Marco, Grimm's Grimmest from Vin and a special CD from Arn and Ate Cyn (featuring Dmitri from Paris!)

sunday with family

At 6, Sage and I began our Sunday ritual of bonding over the videoke channel. Later, my mom and my sister Reb came by and took us to Club Filipino for breakfast, then for lunch at our Greenhills family home where we met up with the rest of family (and all the various show dogs, including the controversial Tofu and the award-winning whippet, Max).

I am always touched by the love my family showers Sage with. It's really different from my new perspective as a parent. It's all about love, baby!

I mentioned to Reb that I had a chef outfit and she immediately gave my a toque to wear (well, Sage decided it was hers, so here's the little chef herself).

It was great seeing all my sisters and my brother again, and we made general plans for Christmas Eve dinner.

Whew! Right now, I'm about to collapse. Having had only 3 hours of sleep does that.

But you know what? It doesn't matter because I'm on holiday! Yay!


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