Friday, December 13, 2002

ghost story

A few days ago, Marco related an odd occurance in his office involving ghostly manipulation of their bathroom faucet.

Well, here''s my little anecdote.

Pipe's office is at a building named Atlanta Centre (yup, with the oh-so-precious British spelling). One of the other tenants is the MTRCB (the government agency that reviews films and TV shows for content). One of their chief officers was a beloved actress named Nida Blanca, quite famous for her comedies. One day, she was found brutally murdered in her car on the 6th floor parking lot. I remember that day vividly because I was irritated by the sudden number of people at the usually quiet building lobby. The murder investigation was at times farcical and truly sad but still unsolved (though her husband has fled the country).

Anyway, a few days after her murder, my staff and I entered the one of the elevators. We punched in our floor and the elevator began to smoothly take us up. It then stopped at the 6th floor despite the fact that no one pressed that floor. Thinking that someone from the outside had punched the button to call the elevator, we waited.

There was no one.

At this time, someone made a joke about Nida's ghost. Some of us made feeble attempts at laughter. Finally, someone pressed the "door close" button. Immediately, a warning beep resounded and the LED screen informed us that the elevator was suddenly overloaded.

Various people tried pressing the button to close the door but it refused to. No one was laughing.

Someone said "Nida, padaanin mo na kami" ("Nida, please let us through").

The beeps stopped, the doors closed and the anecdote ends.


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