Tuesday, December 10, 2002

o christmas tree

Familiar with the expression "surprised by joy"? That's how I felt yesterday. I was planning to get a tree for Sage, remember? Then my mother calls to tell me she's sending over a tree! When I got home, I saw it all set up, lovely and faux green. Then the doorbell rings and it's my mother's driver with Christmas ornaments for the tree and a wreath for our door. Nikki came home with more lovely ornaments and lights, and at last... it's beginning to feel like Christmas. She and Diovine, Sage's yaya, will put the finishing touches today, including installing Santa (holding a lit electric candle) on top.

Sage was delighted and intrigued by all the commotion, and of course tried to fell the tree. I soothed her by offering her a shiny red ball that she prompty tried to eat.

secret website

Our group's website project is all done, with just the tweaks needed before we upload it. I'm terribly excited about this because it's the first group effort online. Can't wait to announce it here and give the link. Nikki and I have fiction pieces there.

comic convention launches

On Dec 21-22, we will be launching a number of books. On the roster, pending an absurd act of fate, are:

Ang Kagila-gilalas Na Pakikipagsapalaran Ni ZsaZsa Zaturnnahby Carlo Vergara. From Carl's press release:

After his first comic book, the gay-themed “One Night In Purgatory”, garnered acclaim by landing a finalist slot in the recent Manila Critics' Circle National Book Awards and being mentioned in the Sanghaya Yearbook of the National Commission for Culture and Arts as the best comic book of 2001, Carlo Vergara is set to release his second book, ANG KAGILA-GILALAS NA PAKIKIPAGSAPALARAN NI ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH.

”Zsazsa Zaturnnah” tells about Ada, a gay man, who receives a mysterious stone that grants him the power to transform into a woman. As Zaturnnah, Ada defends his hometown from extraterrestrial amazons. Joining him in this light comedy adventure are his sidekick Didi and his secret crush Dodong. Written in Filipino, “Zsazsa Zaturnnah” is for mature readers due to suggestive content and strong language.

The 65-page first part will be available in mid-December at all ComicQuest branches (SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Festival Mall Alabang) for only Php120. The second part will hit the shelves in late-February.

TXTMen #1 by Nikki Alfar (words), Armand Roy Canlas (art), Dean Alfar (Filipino translation), Jason Banico (editor/producer)

The power of Adepts and Portals are explored in this light-hearted romp by Dynatica Comics. 'nuff said!

Ab Ovo #1 by Dean Alfar (words), Carlo Vergara+Tony Bucu+Sidney Santos+Josef Garcia+Bok Jamlang (art), Nikki Alfar (editor)

Kestrel Studios presents thoughts on eggs, among other things.

With Arnold Arre's release this year of After Eden and Marco Dimaano's web comic Immacolata (part of aforementioned secret site), our circle of creators is well-represented.

And the plans for next year are nothing short of ambitious!


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