Friday, December 20, 2002

observing pegasus

On one of my last client calls for the year, I had brave the horrible traffic to Quezon City to look for the client's unfamiliar office. I found it all right, but what was more interesting was what was across it.

This area of QC is studded with dens of ill-repute - girly bars, sauna & spa places, massage parlors with extra service ("happy endings"), live shows and the like. Granted, it's a lot tamer now than when I used to frequent the place (the event to see was the toro or live sex show with multiple performers), but one particular club continues to attract attention - Pegasus.

You need to be disgusting rich (and horny) to enter the Club. An hour and a half would cost you around P20k (in a country where a starting monthly salary is around P8k). They say that the girls are very delectable, that the sauna inside is the bomb, and that the service and privacy is incredible.


Not having money of that sort to throw around, I talked to the security guards instead and learned a thing or two about Pegasus. About its very select clientele that includes A-list celebrities and congressmen, about the P2k entrance fee, about the back door protocols, about the new girl with the new Lancer, about how things actually get started at 3pm.

Now if I were taken over by my dark side, I'd fund/invest in a place like this and make a killing. Or a sex motel. Hah!

Anyway, the things I learned made for splendid small talk with the new client and we have a couple of new projects. I guess talking about sex is one of the great icebreakers, where appropriate.

office party

We've rented a room at the Discovery Suites, a nice hotel Nikki and I stay at when the rare power outage occurs, for the Pipeline Media Christmas Party. No theme, no costumes, just food, fun and games. We begin festivities tomorrow afternoon by watching the finale of Survivor:Thailand (my guess is Brian, but I think Helen can take it), taking a dip in the pool, and most likely, a visit to the Spa for me. It will be nice to unwind after this especially hectic week.

It's as if all the stressful things decided to jump out at us at the same time. Gah.

This yuletide break will be just what the doctor ordered.

are you type 1?

Yes, our apparel account is Levi's. So go and check out the nifty little website we crafted for them here. You'll find some cool stuff inside, including digital versions of the two publications we created: Ab Ovo and Stroke. Go, then come back!

Anyway, this is just the first salvo for our portion of the campaign. Coming obscenely early next year - new issues of Ab Ovo, Stroke and more freaky stuff.


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