Monday, December 16, 2002


Had a big pitch for the telco client today and I think I did well. Creative pitches against other agencies gets my blood rushing because of the fact that I am a very competitive person, and thus, my agency has a bit of that personality quirk as well. I threw myself into the presentation and did my best, so now I can rightfully hope for the best.

But you know, I enjoyed myself so much that I don't really mind if we're not selected at the bitter, bitter end. Why? Because although it would be great to win (and have more money in the collective coffer), sometimes it's not the winning that counts.

An odd sentiment coming from me, I know, but its true.

This is the last working week for the year and I still have things to do, pitches to make and plans to flesh out for the coming year. Looking back, I am struck dumb by the fact that my company is still around at all, given the rather extreme set of circumstances we had to fight through. But somehow we made it, with shiny stars on our portfolio list, a little cash in the bank and enough hope to bring us to tomorrow's challenges. Performance-wise, there are many things I would have done in a different way, but I realize that certain mistakes are better left as mistakes - I learned from them, enough never to repeat them. You have to get burned to know not to touch the hot stove.

Do I deserve accolades or a pat on the back? No, because I am still far from the ultimate goal I wanted. But we are alive and kicking, and that's all that matters - being able to carry on the good fight.

a printer worth loving

After my rant last week, I was convinced that all printers were scum of the earth.

After receiving the shipment of Ab Ovo from Made M, I was so happy and impressed that I called them up and told them what a great job they did. Not a single thing I am unhappy about - I can't believe it. Well, the only thing I'm unhappy about is completely my fault - I think it's too thin! So issue #2 will be a lot fatter.

Heaven is having a good printer.

I'm shifting all the work I can to these folk.


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