Sunday, December 15, 2002

zsa zsa lives!

One of the best parts of this weekend was seeing Carl's new book "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah" in the flesh, so to speak. We met for late coffee at Chili's and I was so happy to get my paws on an actual copy of the beautiful squarebound book. It looks fantastic - all you need to do is to place Vertigo's imprimatur on the cover - it looks that great. Carl's cover image, with its in-your--face approach, is simply jaw-dropping. But the best part is the story inside. Let me tell you, I whizzed through the Tagalog language like there was no tomorrow, laughing at Carl's little moments and enjoyed myself perhaps a little too much!

With this, Carl has upped the ante for all of us again. Bravo, bravo! Can't wait for the concluding volume!

the alfar christmas gift

Thanks to Marco's earlier canvassing, I finally picked up a PS2 (the mutual gift between Nikki and myself), along with 2 controllers, a memory card, and all the wiring of course. Plus 15 games, which includes the very reason for getting this for us this Christmas - Suikoden III. It didn't hurt to get a ton of other games as well, like Wild Arms III and a lot more I don't remember. So the entire package is by my side right now, waiting to be giftwrapped so we have something to open on Christmas Day.

I must tell you though that my resolve to wait until then is weaking by the hour!

Yes, I feel like a kid again. Can't wait til Christmas!


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