Monday, March 10, 2003

cost of living

Once in a while I just have to let it all out: why is everything so fucking expensive?

Everywhere I turn, there is an expense associated. Everywhere I go, I have to pay for something. Even just going to a place where stuff is free costs because of transportation. And certainly we have to eat. The internet that has a lot of free content costs me over P2k a month to maintain. New books, magazines, films, music, everything costs so much.

There are days I just want to stay home, hermit-like, just to have a single day of no expense (though of course there's the electicity, rent and other bills, but let's pretend I don't have to pay for any of that just for one day). Inadvertantly, Sage will need something like milk, diapers or fruit. Or the helper will tell me we've run out of soap. Or, horror of horrors, I run out of ciggies.

No, it's impossible.

What I need is a few good investments in my assets portfolio to generate income out of my usual revenue stream to pay for all the little things in life.

Which means back to business. Again.


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