Friday, March 14, 2003

today I look clean

I really hate having to go through traffic to go anywhere, but life and business demand that I often leave the comfort of the Ortigas Center, where my home, office and favorite stores and restaurants are merely spitting distance from each other.

Today, I met with clients in upscale Oakwood in Makati. Oakwood is one of those swanky condo units embraced by a highend mall (and thus, lile Rockwell, commanding rentals of around P120k for a two-bedroom unit). Their coffee shop on the 6th floor dripped attitude and if you're neither a fading star like Ina Raymundo (there with a child) or in a suit (like me, ha!), you'll look like the hired help. Which was the joke of my client who said they were the ones who looked like the suppliers, while Marc and I looked like the client.

Why am I so dressed up? Well, apart from the fact that I do like looking spiffy and shaven from time to time, we have another meeting at the a hotel, and this time, since the party we're meeting flew in from overseas to talk business, I decided to look like the GM that I am. But really, I'd rather be in a black tee, slacks and my old shoes - almost anytime.

And then Nikki and I are off to watch Dreamgirls with Carl. The original Broadway production won several Tonys ages ago, but my hope is high for this particular production. Tickets are kinda pricey, but once in a hile you have to treat yourself to something good and forget about the cost consequences (assuming you can afford it in the first place and your daughter does not starve to death).

After that, it's off to see the other guys, relax and let my stubble grow.


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