Saturday, March 08, 2003

wasted, finally

A pleasant surprise last night at Vin's store was when Gerry (Alanguilan) and Neil (Yu) walked in with copies of Wasted: The Final Edition. Always wanting to have a copy of this seminal work first published 10 years ago, I bought the very first one and like the fanboy that I am, had Gerry sign it. Nicely printed in larger than digest mode, Wasted is a story of anger and lost hope, as well as about the courage to defy society and the heart's conventions. For only P100, this is a steal. Go and get one wherever Pulp Magazine is found. Go!

last supper

Had dinner with my departing staff at Casa Armas which lived up to reputation of expensive, inedible food and lousy service. And if another group of strolling guitar players and singers come my way while I'm eating, I swear I'll throw a fit.


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