Wednesday, April 23, 2003

codename: sunburn

Finally got the basic outline from Vin, so I can formally begin writing the thing. We're looking at around 130 pages, illustrated by one of our dearest and talented friends (do the initials A.A. mean anything to you?), published next year.

So in the spirit of transparency, I'll do my best to share bits and pieces of my writing process here, without revealing too much (let's see how that holds up).

Preliminary steps:

1. Review the plot, characters, setting, metaphor and logic. (And listen to a 50 year-old song)

2. Apply harsh razor and remove what is unnecessary, masturbatory and precious

3. Formalize the structure (right now I'm thinking of intertwined vignettes)

4. Decide on the tone and feel

5. Determine the general narrative flow

After that, the real work begins.


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