Wednesday, May 21, 2003

me and yu

I bumped into my one of old friends, Dino Yu, and we had lunch together talking about old times and the vagaries of business.

One of the things I enjoy about him is his unflinching opinions and verbosity, especially when arguing with me. We've reached that point where no sensitivities are in danger of being trampled, and we can dispense with talking around subject matters and just get to core of things. It is refreshing to be able to talk to someone like him, and we discussed the parallel situations we find ourselves currently in regarding business.

"Frankly, I'm disappointed in you," I told him.


"Because you're Chinese, and the stereotype is that you guys are the best in business."

"Really,' he smiled. "Well, I'm more disappointed in you."

"Why's that?"

"Muslims are the new driving force of the Philippine economy and what are you doing?"

"Ah," I replied, "but I'm not really Moro per se."

"And I'm a fake Chinese."

And there you have it.


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