Monday, May 05, 2003

a wish granted

Just moments before leaving the office to go home, the head of Artfarm Asia, the company next door, asked to speak to me.

He wanted to know if I had any spare copies of Ab Ovo I could give him, for him to give away in turn to the young animators they're teaching. I delightedly returned with a stack of them.

"All this time we've been neightbors, I didn't know that you were you," he said, pointing to the Kestrel Studios logo on the cover. "A lot of the kids we teach look up to the people who make local comics."

"Oh," I said, hiding my embarassment. "Well, I know a handful."

"Do you know the guy who made Zsa Zsa?"

"Of course! That's Carlo Vergara and he's right inside," I smiled. "I also know the guy who did Angel Ace, Marco Dimaano. And, of course, Arnold Arre. You've heard of Mythology Class?"

"Yes," he nodded. "Hey, would you be willing to speak one afternoon to the kids?"

"Oh, you'd want Carl for that. I'm a writer, not an artist."

"But that's why I'm asking you. Films needs great ideas and great ideas need great writing. And certainly we'd love to have Carlo talk about illustration - that's the other part of our discipline."

"I'd love to."

Amazing. The very same day that I wished I could have an opportunity to be relevant, it's granted.

Now to wish for an Everfull Purse.


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