Wednesday, June 04, 2003


I made time to finally go and pick up some new clothes for myself. It seems like forever since I last shopped for myself. I think it was in Hong Kong during the height of my suit obsession. I'd make it a point to check out what Balenciaga had and pick up a full suit or just a coat or slacks. Then I'd head off to Causeway Bay for any number of stores there. If I was really in the mood, then it was off to Mongkok and the Night Market. Ah, the days of easy money. Sigh.

Shopping today is expensive. I wanted a pair of Dockers and was shocked to see the price - almost P2000 for nice pants. The other shops had similar prices (it was cheaper to buy Levi's Type 1 jeans!). I checked out Diesel and realized I was simply not their target market. An Italian brand store had great shirts at P6000 each - "Sige na, sir, bili na po kayo". I don't think so.

The short version is that I finally picked up a couple of pants within an acceptable price range (it was getting to the point where I was measuring pants in terms of cans of Sage's milk). I still need a few shirts and of course my utterly guilty pleasure - socks and underwear.

A man can never have enough socks and underwear. He can have a smattering of everything else, but MUST have tons of socks and underwear. It is imperative. More important than the number of stars in the sky. And well, I was traumatized before when my socks and underwear were slowly and consistently stolen until I had like 3 pairs left.

But this time, I'm getting outerwear first. I miss the selection of HK, but can live with (some of) the prices over here.

I just wish there was a Black Store for Tall Men who Really, Really like to wear Black.


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