Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Have I rhapsodized recently about how great it is to be a father?

Sage is a smart cookie. She can get things if you ask her to, by first identifying what's what.

She likes to read, or pretend to read. When we tell her "Sage, Mommy and Daddy are reading now" and hold up our books, she brings her own picture book and leafs through the pages, making commentary and occasionally grabbing one of hands to ask what's what - "Oh, that's a butterfly, Sage. See how pretty the blue wings are." Just yesterday, we were sitting with one of her books. She pointed at the phone and then pretended to make a call herself. So smart.

It's getting harder to say goodbye in the mornings because she doesn't want to me to go without her. I tell her that of course I'll be back later but it's no comfort. So we compromise and she accompanies me to elevator bank with her Yaya, before the inevitable leavetaking.

The big sized clothes we bought during our last trip to New York and Las Vegas are now just right for her. The only reason I don't go hogwild in shops and buy her stuff is that I'm afraid of getting the wrong size. I need her Mommy for that. I got her a stuffed puppy that she wanted - she chose it all by herself.

Sage also had a home haircut, just a little trim for her bangs.

Now this little chameleon looks like me or Nikki depending on time of day. But as Nikki put it, Sage looks like...herself, which is just perfect.


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