Monday, June 09, 2003

saturday's entry

Betrayed by Netopia, I only got to post this today. Feh.

four day summary

Yes, I know I've been remiss in posting, which saddens me because one of the reasons I maintain this blog is to instill discipline in writing even just a little on a daily basis. The fact is, our home connections is still on the fritz and I've barely had time to stay in the office at length.


So here I am at Netopia at Megamall, just five really good spits away from Comicquest. It's nice and quiet since all the loud network gaming kids are in the ghetto on the other side. The people around me are similarly transfixed by their monitors, which is absolutely fine with me.

A couple of years ago, I was a small shareholder in one of the Netopia outlets. I finally sold my stake after a while (deciding to invest in something else). Too bad because then I could've just gone to the outlet and squatted there.

talking poesy

A couple of nights ago, Nikki and I met up with a whole boatload of interesting people - all wanting to get into the new editing work opportunity in front of us. Pay is very good and time is flexible - one just has to learn the ropes in terms of process, which is all right, since everything has a learning curve.

The people on my side of the table were a great bunch to talk to. Kristine Fonacier and Cyan Abad endured my stings about their "writing poesy" with grace, while El drew Pikachu and b>Charles devoured the leftovers. Kat Lagman stunned me with her wonderfully shaved head (when I asked her if she shaved it herself, she said "Well, first my boyfriend does himself, and then he does me." - which leads to all sorts of prurient interpretations). Alex, K8 and a bunch of our other friends were there too, representing the fields of advertising, publishing, marketing, IT, the academe and whatnot.

All I can say is that it was great being with people who know what onanism means. Vocabulary simply flourishes.

5 spice duck

My other gang and I tried Rice, the restaurant formerly known as Art Avenue. The interiors were pleasantly subdued but the food was unispired and expensive.

I tried the duck dish, hoping against hope for a new taste sensation, but alas, was only underwhelmed.

Still, the place itself made sitting around and talking enjoyable. So despite the poor fare, I wouldn't mind going back.

old magic for new

I've been digging around my old cards, making fun decks for Nikki and I to trade blows with (trade blows, heh). With the influx of new cards (now close to 6,500 unique cards) it is impossible to keep up. Not that I intend to, all I want are the truly funky ones.

At the store, a 13 year-old approached me and we ended talking about Magic. I went home and brought back a fistful of things he'd never seen before. In return, he gave me a lot of the new rare cards - things I hadn't seen before. So we were both happy.

The thing is, I may have gotten myself my own "boy".

the future beckons

On the business side, a couple of important meetings I had towards the end of the week resulted in very interesting opportunities for Kestrel.

A couple of them are promising, needing only my firm commitment before taking off. Industry targets are similar and the good thing is the ones I'm looking at are the ones that need my style of blahblah. We'll see.

It's good to know that whatever happens, I can hope to have work of some kind. Granted, nothing is ever certain, but opportunities are never that difficult to find or create. I mean this: if you just sit and do nothing, nothing will happen. For me, it's a matter of choice and mindset.

Right now, it's about freedom versus stability - having my own business (and thus having the same stress of worrying about everything) or working for a another company (much less stress since I need to think only about my own duties).

Although, really, I'd kill fo two weeks of doing absolutely nothing.


We've been running around, my daughter and I, alternating who chases who, all over the condo and the bedrooms. She may have added a new word to her vocabulary ("come!", Sage said, demanding her mother follow her) but we're not certain.

Today, she had breakfast with me at the dining table, sitting on my lap, with both our plates in front. When I'd spoon food into my mouth, she'd pick up some of her own, put it into her mouth, look at me and go "Hmmmmm!", like the hotdogs were the best thing in the universe. Ah, to have that pleasure again - imagine.

I just adore her.

She's also decided that her daddy, while sitting on the couch and watching the Sex Bomb girls, is fair game for her new mountain-climbing game. The objective is to climb up her daddy using any means possible and plant a foot on his head. It is quite the experience.

arn and cyn sighting

It's true. I was at Cibo having one of my meetings, when suddenly Arnold taps me on the shoulder and says hi, with Cynthia right beside him. I was flabbergasted because I was taken completely by surprise. It is a rare occurance to see these two that encountering them gives deep meaning to the phrase "surprised by joy".

Arn & Cyn - it was wonderful seeing you guys! Let us know when your schedules clear so we can all go and have dinner!

weekend reading

Lynda Barry's One! Hundred! Demons! thanks to Ruey. In exchange, I'm lending him Sparks and Strangehaven.

El! Do you have other stuff I can read?


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