Wednesday, June 04, 2003

wanting eye candy

It's true. I'm a Miss Universe fanboy. The winner will replace Justine Pasek of Panama, the first runner up of 2002 who took the crown after the Russian winner surrendered the title voluntarily

I cannot resist 70+ young women parading around, especially during the swimsuit portion.

I always laugh during the "Parade of Nations" when all the contestants, garbed in their national costume, shimmy up to the microphone, extend their arms, and, heads held high, say something like: "Buenos noches. My name is Maria Elena Remedios Tejeros de la Vera y Castillo (deep breath, ready to shout) FROM MADRID, SPAIN!!!"

I wait with bated breath for the interview portion, the best part, when eccentric answers ultimately have me in stitches.

I remember watching the live telecast on RPN 9 with my Aunt Juris and the all the other kids and all the neighbors who squeezed into our living room (watching Miss Universe is a group activity, of course). The adults had pens and paper and kept track of the scores of each girl in every competition - you had to be able to move fast because the score flashed very briefly. I remember how we'd boo poor Miss Aruba, cheer on the asians, and marvel at the inevitable South American winner, usually Miss Venezuela. Then afterwards, as we'd talk about why Miss Philippines lost, we'd wind down with late merienda or lunch.

It's pure entertainment - mindless, wonderful and free, bereft of any social commentary or epiphany.

And I love it.


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