Monday, July 07, 2003

filipinas I...admire...on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list
plus the requisite "duh" or three

It's been a while since I did a prurient entry or a list-type thing. So here a combo:


#88 Aleck Bovick - My 19-year-old building-mate and occassional elevator-buddy has a bod that wasn't fazed (well, not too much) by her scandalous Best Actress Famas win. Surprisingly, she's quite short in person but very maputi.

#73 Assunta di Rossi - You know what makes her hot to me? Those lips that seem to promise exquisite oral gratification. I mean, she's pleasant to listen to - get your mind out of the gutter.

#59 Claudine Barretto - I've had a crush on her since I saw her in this movie set in the UP Diliman campus years ago. This afternoon, I saw her sipping a drink at Greenhills. Quite lovely.

#49 Ara Mina - Coming along nicely while flexing her acting chops (she won accolades for her role in Huling Birhen Sa Lupa), this lady has appeal to spare.

#41 Alicia Mayer - And only for her boob-hugging pose on a mag cover. Otherwise, she better fits the "duh" list.

#23 Patricia Javier - Whoo! And I still don't have her videoke collection!

#13 Joyce Jimenez - Still lush and with a cropped haircut that begs to ruffled (must...calm...down...).

#9 Rochelle Pangilinan - The leader of the Sexbomb Girls is how a sexy Filipina realistically could be - jumping around.

#6 Aubrey Miles - Lovely lady, what can I say?

#2 Diana Zubiri - As I said before, this surprisingly young woman was robbed of the number one slot, by Halle Berry.

But really, who is #1 in my book?

#1 Nikki Alfar - No BS, Nikki easily wins out (she's also eligible for a MLF thingie), she's the hottest babe for me.

'nuff said (and not just for brownie points, but I know I can expect a...reward... Oh, yes).


#93 Maricar de Mesa - Oh my God, who let this walking, badly-drawn manga, look-a-like in? It's one thing to have tits, honey, another thing to have a face that scares the bejeezus out of me.

#64 Sarah Meier - People who believe their own press releases are condemned to a life mistakenly thinking they are beautiful. When she took the ramp at the Levis show during the last Fashion Week, I wanted to throw the pretty mini M&Ms at her "oh-behold-my-attitude face".

#28 Katya Santos - Jason may have issue with this especially, but some people are just not meant to bare all.

#25 Nancy Castiglione - A boob job will not save you and your precious accent.

#12 Heart Evangelista - Pardon me while I throw up my dinner.

#7 Maui Taylor - It's those misplaced eyes, collagenic lips and Bello-crafted chest.


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