Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Despite the dizzying work schedule I've willingly committed myself to (and, really, it's not so much of a complaint as an observation), I've been trying to find time to write.

I'm halfway through the graphic novel (sorry, Jayce, just a few more days) and, in a fit of mad nicotine inspiration, have begun two new stories for Hinirang, tentatively titled "Comoraton (Rodentine)" and "Mes du Fantasma (Ghost Month)".

"Comoraton (Rodentine)" is about someone little who dreams of something big and woman who discovers more about herself than she cares to know.

"Mes du Fantasma (Ghost Month)" is about that time in the year when the Tsino stop buying anything, a lost love rediscovered and about the economics of the dead.

Who knows when I'll find time to actually complete these? But at least there's some new fiction leaking from my pen.

red room

If you have some time, go and check out Moose's spankin' new blog, Red Room Diaries.

It's freshly minted with a little bit of poesy.

Hey Moosetafah, put a tagboard!


An interesting hands-on part of my work (despite what you think, I'm not really desk bound, though I'd rather stay in air-conditioned comfort really) is looking for suppliers of various things and checking them out when we do find them.

For examply, my partner and I spend the better part of yesterday looking for a particular glass bottle. Not just any bottle, mind you. It had to be clear but with a tinge of green, small and sexy as hell. Well, eventually we made our way to a glassblower's shop (foundry? workplace? Shades of Europa 1400!) and were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of glass products.

I had an odd impulse to suddenly start jumping around, to windmill my arms with abandon, to see if the laden shelves would follow the domino principle - but I behaved myself.

Having found the bottle, made inquiries as to production quality, time and delivery, I secured the cork supplier's information. Just like one of those linear RPGs where one thing leads to another.

It's off to Quiapo and Divisoria then.



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