Sunday, July 06, 2003

wholesome sex

Or so they claim.

The Sexbomb Girls, thought to have vanished to wherever overnight flash-in-the-pan sensations go, are still going strong.

They made their singing debut with hits like "Bakit Papa" and "Venus", injecting the naughty lyrics with a whole lot of bouncing around that really made me smile (yes, I'm a fan).

"Spaghetti Song", the carrier single from their second album "Round 2", has all the requisites of a hit - memorable, danceable, singable (I just remembered Carl telling me about it in the stairwell). Even Sage knows how to move to the dance.

And, of course, they're sexy in a very Filipina way. Exposing a lot but not everything; looking fresh and clean and young and like they're having the time of their lives. They are very different from the slutty Viva Hot Babes, headlined by Maui Taylor and her false assets.

As a block, these girls made a significant dent in FHM's list of 100 Sexiest Women - with Rochelle and Jopay as higher ranked standouts.

True, they're no Diana Zubiri (who, if I may digress for a moment, was robbed of the top spot in the list by...Halle Berry - can you say unfair comparison?), but how can you not love them?

All these girls are one of the reasons I'm enamored by the current Zeitgeist. After all, if the prevalent spirit of the times involves girls bouncing around singing about spaghetti, then life cannot possibly be all that bad now, can it?


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