Saturday, August 02, 2003

black zodiac

This list of the Black Zodiac characters from the 2001 film Thir13en Ghosts reads like an evil power group I'd throw at the players of my old RPG, complete with killer lines, attitudes and funky storylines. The Torn Prince, in particular, sounds great.

The Jackal
The Juggernaut
The Great Child & Dire Mother
The Hammer
The Withered Lover
The Pilgremess
The Bound Woman
The Torn Prince
The Merciless Child
The Lost Soul
The First Born Son
The Torso
The Angry Princess

Of course, I'd tweak some of the titles, drape them in funky attire and throw in a signature item or two. Just for maniacal fun.

Listings like this bring to mind Glen Cook's Taken, my own Immaculata (a group, not the Hinirang heroine), Honored Blood, Doomgarde and their all their nasty foes.

I miss running a game.


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