Friday, August 08, 2003

the horse's back

It's just absurd, really.

Apart from the invaders in my digestive tract, I just threw my back lifting Sage the wrong way (and compounding it, unwittingly, by playing horsey-horsey). But you try being a father and resisting a little 30-poundish girl who wants to climb and ride and tumble off (with nary a care, mind you). And do it again and again and again.

So now, as it was a couple of months ago when I threw my back lifting a stupid barbell that was too heavy for me, I can't stand straight and find it painful to walk around.

Just another ailment to add to my growing catalog of pain.


But when I think about my daughter's squeals of delight, the pain vanishes a little. No excuse not to be more careful though.


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