Saturday, August 09, 2003

how to whistle through her fingers

1. Have your child draw her lower lip firmly across and slightly below the tops of her lower teeth.

2. Now have her put the tips of her pinkie fingers together at about a 45 degree angle. Have her place the tips of her pinkies against the tip of her tongue, pushing her tongue up and slightly back. Her tongue will be wadded up, sort of like an accordion. Her pinkies will rest on her lower teeth, just short of the first joint.

3. When her fingers are positioned correctly, you'll be able to see a little triangular hole formed by her pinkie fingers and lower teeth.

4. Have her close her lips firmly around her fingers so no air can escape (very important). Now have her blow forcefully through the little triangular hole.

This bit of advice, from a book lent to us by Vin, was put into practice by Nikki, who is now practicing to whistle loudly enough to get a cab.

For Sage, this will be an interesting little skill that may come in useful in life.

Little people can make big noises and sometimes should.


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