Thursday, August 07, 2003


Yesterday, while playing with Sage, I suddenly asked her to get me some juice. Now this is truly an formidable request - first, because she's only 1 year and 5 months old; and second, because she would have to interpret what I meant and then go to the big ref, open it, select the juice and bring it to me.

She stopped playing, stood up, walked to ref (which Diovine opened for her after she tried, unsuccessfully, to open it by herself - it's quite heavy), tried to lift the big Drysdale orange juice bottle and opted instead to get a ready-to-drink coffee, and walked back to me. She handed me the drink and I thanked her with tears in my eyes but she wasn't done. She went back to ref, got another drink, gave it to her mother and gave us the sweetest smile imaginable.

She obviously takes after Nikki in the smarts! What a clever little girl.


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