Tuesday, August 05, 2003



24 hours or so after writing the post below, the Palanca Awards people inform me that "The Onan Circle", the one-act Play I entered, won 2nd prize this year. Just when I had resigned myself to a graceful acceptance of loss.

Geez. If you didn't know me better, you'd think my previous entry was me attempting to be horribly precious. Everything below is still true, of course, but how can I not be jubilant?

My stomach hurts like hell and my ass is like a faucet, but something I worked on won - so there is a bit of balance in the world after all.

There are plays and pieces of fiction that I can write fast, some take longer. This one took 3 years of drafts and revisions, including morphing into a 2-act monster, shifting language from English to Filipino to English again, and paring down multiple characters and scenes. You know, of course, of my belief that there are certain things better left alone for a time, when you're stuck, lazy or out of inspiration. You can always return to them at some later point.

Sometimes it just takes time.


I'm in the middle of elation and having to run to the bathroom. The irony...

What a year so far.


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