Friday, August 15, 2003

vignette: ride

Jackie wants to ride, so we take the car.

We drive and drive until we see Greg and Maggie.

“Hey,” they say.

“Join us,” we tell them and so they do, climbing in the back, gin in hand.

Jackie wants the radio loud so loud it is, full-blast. We shake and rattle and bang our seats to the beat. It sounds like something old.

“How can you not know Husker Du?” Greg shouts. Jackie laughs and I just keep driving.

“That’s just like you,” Maggie tells Greg.

Jackie wants to pee so we stop at a gas station.

“Come with me,” she says and Maggie goes with her to the lav, holding hands like best friends.

I buy some gas and Greg lights up.

“Hey,” I say. “Hey, that’s not so smart.”

“What? What’re you talking about?” Greg asks. I notice the gap between his teeth.

“Ciggie. Gas station. You know.”

“I know.” He shrugs his shoulders. “So what?”

Maggie and Jackie come back, fresh and bright and pee-free, and off we drive.


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