Friday, August 01, 2003

weekend reading

Whew, a lot, thanks to El and Charles - and CCHQ.

The three of us went over and I was delighted to see that the store had expanded its indie section to accomodate more...discerning tastes. How bad was the damage? Let's just say I walked out there a much poorer man, although with a big bag of trades to share with Nikki.

With this store, I don't have my usual problem of "there's nothing good to buy". My problem was that I didn't have enough disposable income to commit. There were so many books I didn't even know about (nor did El). And it is kind of difficult to throw thousands of pesos on books you don't know from Adam.


I will be back once my pocketbook has recovered somewhat. Details on my hoard additions once we finish reading them.

better than group sex

Charles gave me not just a slice of Better Than Sex (that cake that has suddenly become so popular in our little worlds) but the entire kaboodle. I was stunned, of course. This guy is one of the most generous people on the face of the earth - but, as I told him, it is time for him to be generous to himself.

Thanks so much, Charles. I shared it with my wife last night and well, we proved the name wrong. Heh.

giving in to sin

Yes, I'll finally pick up a true blue DVD player after holding out for years. Frankly, I've had it with watching stuff on my monitor. Besides, there are several films I want to see that are region coded (and the software I use has locked to a single region).

So I'm getting the model that can play any region, clean itself and do the laundry.

What did I give up to afford this? We said goodbye to the PS2 - that machine we bought to play only one game (Suikoden 3).


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