Saturday, September 20, 2003

two hours

That's how long I spent overseeing professionals attach clear stickers to the resto client's glass walls.

It's very exacting work, demanding patience and perfect measurements. One mistake and you're fucked.

In that span of time, I renewed my acquaintance with three newspapers.

one hour

I managed to juggle this amount of time so I could go home and watch the first episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands with Nikki. What can I say? I'm an addict.

This version had an interesting start. The survivors were told they were going for a photo op, then were told that the game had begun. They jumped into the sea wearing only what they had on - an Armani suit, a tight sun dress with no bra, high heels.

Wonderful, wonderful. The voyeur in me is sated for now.

one year

That's how much Charles added to his age, treating everyone present to more pizza than we could handle (let me just say that there is a reason why it's called Ultimate Cheese), capped by coffee at one of the Starbucks in the area.

More vignettes, table talk and Tazo: The Reincarnation of Tea, before it was home to rest.


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