Thursday, November 20, 2003

happy reads

By mid-December, the following comic books, by my barkada of creators, should be out in the market:

1. SIGLO: FREEDOM - a florilegium of old and new writers and illustrators, edited by Vin and myself

2. ZSA ZSA ZATURNNAH TPB - The collected edition of Carlo Vergara's 2003 National Book Award winner.

3. ANGEL ACE NEXT - The latest installment of Marco Dimaano's title, with contributions from special guest artists.

4. CHERRY BLOSSOM HIGH - Jason Banico spearheads this "girl's manga" release from PSICOM, with work from a lot of us.

5. MYSTIC MACHINE MAHARLIKA - by Jason Banico (prolific, ain't he?)

Now that's a great 4th quarter!


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