Tuesday, November 18, 2003

past is past

I’ve never been a big fan of memory (partially because I have a terrible one) but I know that there are many who look to the past with frightening devotion. They cannot imagine better days.

When we live out of memory, we’re tied to the past and to that which is finite.

When we live out of our imagination, there is only the infinite.

be agressive

The little project that Nikki and I are involved in as writers made the cut into the Final 5 (out of 100) at this big animation pitch slated for the first week of December in Singapore.

This is the kind of challenging pitch I would have enjoyed if the alignment of the stars only permitted travel for me during that time.

We hope that someone from Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or Italy’s Mondo Television bites.

If someone does… I’m treating everyone to a cup of the outrageously expensive Blue Mountain Coffee at UCC.

pikachu, i choose you!

Sage is so in love with the gigantic Pikachu card her Ninong Vin gave her. She loves lugging the thing around (its taller and wider than she is), propping it up against a wall, then calling out various parts of the electric mouse’s anatomy (she’s puzzled at the difference between her ears and Pikachu’s – though the color yellow or the stripes or the tail seem to bother her not a whit).

So now I regret throwing away all my Pokemon cards. Ninong Dino, if have any to spare, time to ante up!


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