Sunday, November 30, 2003

siglo: ice, ice baby

The venue for SIGLO: FREEDOM's soft launch has been moved to the Ice Vodka Bar in Greenbelt.

It makes me smile to think that we're celebrating the publication of an indie-spirited book in the heart of beautiful people country.

As a soft launch, it's mostly a friends & family affair, especially given the venue space limitations. But come Grand Launch in January next year, we'll devise a bigger celebration.

sowee, daddy

Last night, as the gigantic Christmas tree was being dressed up with old-fashioned lights (not these rice lights so in vogue now), Sage broke my glass poetry award.

She knew she did something wrong, because after a while she came up to me and said "Sowee, Daddy".

Now how can you keep a stern face in the face of such an apology?


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