Monday, December 01, 2003


a dearth of wonder

Grant Morrison on today's comics: "All these... comics seem miserly and lacking in wonder, surrealism or novelty. Even Alan Moore himself ran screaming from this kind of story and began an ungainly, 15-year long attempt to reinvent himself as me."

True, true. Which is why my love for comics will always be defined by a sense of wonder.

photo shoot

One of the shoots I art directed recently for was for Globe Telecom.

To see the results, check out their corporate site. A lot of our shots are used from the main page all the way down deep.

When I see the results of a shoot that had my partner and I frazzled and tired (3 days!), I just have to shake my head. It's good to see work in context.

nyoy, paulo, nina, sponge cola

I'm continuing my education into current acoustic and alternative Filipino music (previously I was stuck in the 80's) thanks to Buddha and Bok.

Much are covers but there are some original gems to appreciate.

It's all so much better compared to the atrocious "chill out" crap that was the rage a year or two ago.

There's something about the Filipino voice, singing about heartbreak or loss or hope, that evokes sincerity.


Rereading Craig Thompson's Blankets resulted in the exact same effect it had on me the first time around.

I was near tears from the beauty of the writing.

Hard to believe the same author was responsible for the shit festival that was Goodbye, Chunky Rice.

With the holiday break, I plan to reread most of my trades - if only to escape the horrendous amount of writing I've set myself up to do.

I can't wait.


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