Tuesday, December 02, 2003

none of the above

I'm glad I'm not voting for the president next year. My vote is worthless in the light of the choices presented so far.

If I were to vote, would I vote for any of the following?

A. Ping Lacson. No, because I am not in the habit of supporting murderers.

B. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. No, because apart from the fact that she lacked finesse in her plundering, she committed the graver error of promising hope and failing to deliver.

C. Fernando Poe Jr. No, because the last thing this country needs is another brainless actor whose first action when in power would most likely be to pardon Joseph Estrada.

D. Raul Roco. No, because when I worked for him during his campaign for Senator, I was made privy to things that are best described politely as unpalatable.

What have we, as a people, done to deserve this kind of selection?

How can there be hope and progress when we must resign ourselves to "the lesser evil" voting scenario?

If I were to vote, I'd vote them all off the island and instate a benevolent dictatorship like Singapore's.


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