Tuesday, December 02, 2003

what do you talk about after eight years?

A lot.

Nikki and I went to celebrate our 8th anniversary at Chateau 1776 (1771? Gah.) where, along with osso buco, prawns, blue marlin and the best coffee pie in town, we enjoyed the kind of conversation only we can have.

The language of love, slurred by the effects of bone marrow on my brain.

Here's to the one I love beyond reason.

the agony of waiting

SIGLO's pages will be printed on schedule but now we're waiting for the release of the ISBN for the bar code.


I want to hold this baby badly!


Thanks to a x-deal with my best bud Vin, I have a huge new hardcover: Mythology - The Art of Alex Ross.

I'm not a big Ross fan but looking through this wonderfully-designed book (courtesy of Chip Kid), I could not help but be impressed by his work.

What I liked was his obvious love for the Legion and JSA, the old comic book teams. But what really made me like the guy was this huge spread of the various heroes from television, including characters like Meteor Man, Gravity Girl, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Space Ghost and Birdman.

Perfect for the coffee table.


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