Thursday, January 08, 2004

loving angel

I got one of the best Christmas-slash-Birthday gifts of my life tonight, when Marco handed me a framed and signed print of the modernized version of the classic Angel Ace scene that made Nikki and myself his Number One Fans a few years ago.

I remember walking up the stairs in Virra Mall in Greenhills, and having my eye inevitably captured by a poster depicting an upsidedown flying girl. She looked so innocent, so carefree, so full of joie de vivre that my heart was enchanted. I was shocked to discover it was a "local' comic (note that at that time, I was a full American comics geek, wrongly filled with the notion that there were no good locally-produced comics).

It was Angel Ace. And things was never the same again. Nikki and I got a copy and became fans instantly. Angel's charm was formidable, gushing out of the black-and-white pages of adventure.

I remember meeting Marco for the first time. He was so soft-spoken and demure (unlike nowadays where his witty repartee and clever observations always provides moments of laughter). I asked him to sign his comic book and let me tell you, there weren't two fans happier than the Alfars that day.

And I'm proud to say that we've grown to be great friends, working together on various comic projects (after Siglo: Freedom, I'm writing a little something for K.I.A.), going out on regular dinners, getting into discussions and arguments on a staggering variety of topics, watching movies, and eating some more. Marco has taught me much about appreciating art and the craft behind creating it.

So when he gave me this fantastic gift, I just couldn't believe it. You see, the fan boy in me never went away. I have to pinch myself to remind myself that I'm creating stuff with one of the most creative people I know (and certainly the source of Angela's love of life!).

So the huge Angel Ace artwork has a place of honor on my wall, flanked by original art from The Lost by Arnold, and Ruin by Carl. Waiting to be framed is an illustrated letter from Crossword Girl by Andrew.

Looking at my wall now, the silly smile on my face just wont let up.


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