Saturday, January 03, 2004

sexy ladies

While Nikki and I were having our hair cut at Don Juan (the usual tabas for me, a mussed-up short pixie look for her - courtesy of her hairdresser, a sombre old straight fellow named "Honey"), I listened to this horrible caterwauling on TV.

When I turned to watch, I see this sexy half-dressed girl gyrating as she crooned in her inimitable way. Immediately, I forgave her song murder when all that was eye-candy about her punched through my normally critical mind. It was Mai Li Ang, better known as Gwen Garci, after all, one of the Viva Hot Babes (whose naughty new calendar is still on sale). And she looked good. But not as good as Aubrey Miles (whose album, a gift from Sage, I have yet to listen to).

I also saw the final 8 winners of the Sex Bomb contest (I guess they're forming a new group? Who knows?), and I tell you, the combination of beaming faces and ocho-ocho moves when they were selected above the others - well, it made me smile.

This is why I fully support having half-naked women prance around on TV, censors be damned. A little harmless fantasy before the wondrous reality of my wife's new supersexy haircut... Yum.

hey, neighbor

I bumped into Ed Tadeo and his girlfriend at the lobby of the building where I live, and guess what? He just moved in just before New Year's!

Is that great or what? Ed has scads of coloring credits, working with international comic book publishers.

Beware Ed! Now that you're just a spit away... your colors are MINE!



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