Saturday, January 10, 2004

siglo: freedom via business world

Something from the online edition of Business World, Wednesday, January 7, 2004 (oddly, the link may not work, but Google's snapshot does)

"New book

Launched on Dec. 20 was the graphic novel Siglo: Freedom, a compilation of 10 sequential stories combining the work of some of the best authors and illustrators in the country. Creators include Gerry Alanguilan (Artist for DC, Marvel, and Image Comics), Nikki Alfar (National Book Awardee and Anvil Award Winning Editor), Arnold Arre (two-time National Book Awardee), Jason Banico (creator of Baylans), Marco Dimaano (creator of Angel Ace), Andrew Drilon (Likha Awardee for Comics), Honoel Ibardolaza (two-time Palanca Awardee for Literature), Lan Medina (Eisner Awardee and artist for Marvel and Image), Elbert Or (creator of Two-Color Theater) and botanical artist Reia Vergara-Simbulan. Each story in the book is set in a selected decade from 1910 to 2009, and focuses on one person in that decade whether fictional or real. The 140-page novel was edited by five-time Palanca Awardee for Literature Dean Francis Alfar and National Book Awardee Vin Simbulan, with the art direction of another National Book Awardee, Carlo Vergara."

apparitions and other table talk choices

Choose one: The Blessed Virgin Mary appears to you and reveals a secret OR you get 50 million pesos.

Survey said: Sorry, Mary.

Choose one: D'Original Buko Pie OR Lola's Buko Pie OR Paeng's Buko Pie OR Bakamabuko Pie.

Survey said: Lola wins (though Bakamabuko Pie is quite funny).

Choose one: Your lover perfect in all ways except for one blatant and noxious flaw OR your lover perfect in all ways with an unseen flaw which may or may not be terrible.

Survey said: The evil that we know.

Choose one: Status quo of climate in the Philippines OR sudden shift to four season with Siberian-class winter and cooler the rest of the year.

Survey said: Winter would kill too many Filipinos, but wouldn't the survivors look great in winter wear?

Choose one: Professional-level sport ability OR World-class musical ability.

Survey said: Golf, golf, golf. And maybe basketball. Oh, the endorsements.

birthing places

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and One Night in Purgatory - Angelino's at Robinson's Galleria

Angel Next - Country Waffles, Chili's

Siglo: Freedom - Residencia 8888, Behrouz

Baylans - MRT

The Lost - outdoor eatery in Mongkok, Hong Kong

The lesson is that food inspires most of us.


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