Thursday, June 10, 2004

comics on my mind


I just finished my contribution to the "Hey Comics! Anthology" (due out in a couple of months), and this marks the first time I've actually done artwork by myself (I'm not that scared of Photoshop CS anymore).

I eschewed word balloons and went for a text on image thing which hopefully works. I have no illusions of being an artist/illustrator, but one of the conditions of the anthology was that contributors do both writing and art - thus my valiant effort (haha, and I'm obviously not changing careers, dammit).

I just hope my work is not that bad in comparison to everyone else's. If it is, I can always plead infirmity.

The "Hey Comics! Anthology" is edited by Elbert Or.


Speaking of El, I finally got to read "Cast: Pre-production", the equivalent of the series' issue #0, written by Jaime Bautista, art by Ronin Core , edits by El and published by Nautilus Comics.

I'm sad to say it was not for me. Apart from issues with the art (which was erratic, looked rushed, ill-constructed and at places just plain ugly), the writing could have been improved. Bautista suffers from the same verbosity I suffer from, and like me, he can learn to trim the words and not state the obvious. There are many places where exposition disguised as dialogue is inflicted on the reader, while in some places, a word of explanation (or calling a character by name) would clarify matters.

At this point (due in part to the terrible art), I can barely tell who's who. I am also not emotionally hooked.

I am also a bit concerned at the pacing. If the story is meant to unfold at this languid pace, readers may be lost early on.

I do understand Bautista's intent, but with this poor execution, it is hard to suspend disbelief (even in the context of "this is a book for younger people").

Still, there is certainly no other way to go but up, right?

In his blog, El asked for people to stop kissing ass. So, El - here's a slap on the hand instead (haha).

oh, no!

I rarely pick up pamphlets these days, prefering trade paperback collections (for a long list of reasons). Once in a while though, I am unable to resist (and Nikki and Vin caw at me like ill-tempered ravens, gleefully pointing out that I've failed my willpower check).

Last night, I picked up "Identity Crisis #1", and suffice it to say, I was delighted and reduced to fanboy speculation (and Nikki too!). A murder rocks the DC superhero community, and the reactions and secrets revealed by writer Brad Meltzer are enough to make me just shut up and read and reread. I can even forgive the crappy art by Rags Morales.

remember your childhood...and pass it on

But the pick of the week was a storybook from Astonish Factory. "The Land of the Sokmunster" is an enjoyable read by Eisner Award-winner Mike Kunkel (creator of Herobear) & Randy Heuser. A young boy's life is changed when a Sokmunster steals something precious. The boy follows the thief into a strange land and hijinks ensue (of course). The delightful animation style art plus the engaging character designs make this a clear winner.


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