Tuesday, June 29, 2004

looking for spirits

I visited the site of our new office-to-be and meticulously walked over the entire floor area, entering the pantry, the bathroom and the recessed sealed area where the aircons go, looking for nasty spirits.

The rational part of me scoffs at the notion, but the businessman part of me has become quite superstituous, like majority of the businessfolk in the Philippines.

I found nothing obviously untoward, then calmed myself, closed my eyes and tried to get a feel for the place. With the exception of the bathroom, everything felt all right (no doubt something like a troll lurks near the bathroom).

My next step is to get a feng shui expert to consult for positioning and a Catholic priest for the Christian blessing. I don't want any freakiness happening. I've had enough of that in our current location.

Of course, on the other side, I need to make final decisions regarding the cost of moving, new phone lines, new furniture, new improvements, electrical load and a host of other small details.

I do want to move - we need the space. I just don't want to move to a space already occupied by something else.


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